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Ratings & Reviews

  1. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film The Rambler

    It made me puke and I was not in a purging mood.

  2. Dries's rating of the film The Rambler

    Atmosfere Lynchiane unite al nonsense filo demenziale di Dupiex, il risultato non poteva che essere un film assurdo e grottesco infarcito di un umorismo nero che lo rende incredibilmente divertente e inquietante al tempo stesso. Se siete degli pseudo intellettuali che devono cercare un senso a tutti i costi lasciate stare, questo è un incubo allucinato, bisogna lasciarsi trasportare

  3. Paolo Simeone's rating of the film The Rambler

    Another weird road movie from Calvin Lee Reeder after The Oregonian and it's pretty f***ed up as the other, but way better in terms of production. Not sure what he wants to tell you with this kind of movie, but that's ok, I'll keep watching them until they give us mummies and freaks.

  4. Corinne's rating of the film The Rambler

    Cool Hand Luke meets Back to the Future meets David Lynch. It's bonkers.

  5. Jackpantalones's rating of the film The Rambler

    A derivative, Lynch Lite shaggy dog story. Entertaining when it's aping Lynch's brand of absurdist humor and oddball cracker gargoyles, less successful when copying his approach to surreal horror. Occasionally detours into splattering-bodily-fluids territory. Dermot Mulroney's deadpan reactions to each fresh absurdity or atrocity are priceless.

  6. micah van hove's rating of the film The Rambler

    This movie is coming to your proverbial dome very soon, if you get a chance to take the ride, fuckin' do it. Calvin Lee Reeder is making some of the weirdest shit out there -- in the best sense of the word. do drugs & fall in love with this movie

  7. anthony's rating of the film The Rambler

    A nightmare set in the American West.