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  1. Photo of Dan Maag

    Dan Maag Producer

  2. Photo of Klaus Merkel

    Klaus Merkel Cinematography

  3. Photo of Yvonne von Wallenberg

    Yvonne von Wallenberg Production Design

  4. Photo of Matthias Schweighöfer

    Matthias Schweighöfer Cast

  5. Photo of Lena Headey

    Lena Headey Cast

  6. Photo of Til Schweiger

    Til Schweiger Cast

  7. Photo of Joseph Fiennes

    Joseph Fiennes Cast

  8. Photo of Volker Bruch

    Volker Bruch Cast

  9. Photo of Maxim Mehmet

    Maxim Mehmet Cast

  10. Photo of Hanno Koffler

    Hanno Koffler Cast

  11. Photo of Tino Mewes

    Tino Mewes Cast

  12. Photo of Steffen Schroeder

    Steffen Schroeder Cast

  13. Photo of Axel Prahl

    Axel Prahl Cast

  14. Photo of Ralph Misske

    Ralph Misske Cast

  15. Photo of Gitta Schweighoefer

    Gitta Schweighoefer Cast

  16. Photo of Jan Vlasák

    Jan Vlasák Cast

  17. Photo of Karsten Kaie

    Karsten Kaie Cast

  18. Photo of Albert Franc

    Albert Franc Cast

  19. Photo of Ondrej Volejník

    Ondrej Volejník Cast

  20. Photo of Brano Holícek

    Brano Holícek Cast

  21. Photo of Josef Vinklár

    Josef Vinklár Cast

  22. Photo of Ladislav Frej

    Ladislav Frej Cast

  23. Photo of Ulrich Beck

    Ulrich Beck Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Roland Pellegrino

    Roland Pellegrino Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Nikolai Müllerschön

    Nikolai Müllerschön Producer, Director, Screenplay

  26. Photo of Stefan Hansen

    Stefan Hansen Music

  27. Photo of Dirk Reichardt

    Dirk Reichardt Music

  28. Photo of Emmelie Mansee

    Emmelie Mansee Editing

  29. Photo of Olivia Retzer

    Olivia Retzer Editing

  30. Photo of Adam P. Scott

    Adam P. Scott Editing