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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film The Red House

    Cet inquiétant drame de l'amour et de la folie, réalisé par un metteur en scène toujours intéressant, vaut surtout par la puissante composition du monumental Edgar G. Robinson, un des plus grands acteurs américains de sa génération, capable d'endosser une multitude de personnages divers et variés avec à chaque fois un charisme époustouflant et une conviction véritablement étonnante...

  2. AKFilmFan's rating of the film The Red House

    Atmospheric and melodramatic thriller that contains a memorable score by Rozsa and performance by Robinson. Similar to Shadow of a Doubt in a way but doesn't reach the perfection of Hitch's film.

  3. christopherjohn's rating of the film The Red House

    My mother had always fondly recalled how much this movie scared her when she saw it as a child. Glad I finally got to see it. A very effective, quite creepy melodrama with a chilling ending. Also kind of fascinating to witness how horribly the otherwise gentle protagonist speaks to both his mother and girlfriend in the first half of the film. Apparently quite acceptable at the time.

  4. Martin Wilson's rating of the film The Red House

    Rural gothic with a hypnotic, fairy-tale atmosphere. By turns, serene and tranquil then downright alarming and creepy, this is one unusual film. It's the kind of story that will lodge permanently in your unconscious like HANSEL AND GRETAL. Robinson, as the wicked stepfather, is tender, scary and pitiful. ALLENE ROBERTS as the object of his devotion, gives a delicate, lovely performance. VAL LEWTON would've approved.