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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film The Red Spectacles

    Oshii managing to corral the influences of '60s Godard post-modernism and '80s Godard poetic ennui alongside elements of Seijun Suzuki and Jerry Lewis. For those that find his later films humourless, The Red Spectacles is bursting with laughs, both deadpan and slapstick, while also working as a fairly successful stylistic experiment/deconstruction analogous to what von Trier was attempting with Europa and Epidemic.

  2. Ostermyers's rating of the film The Red Spectacles

    Mein gott ! Oshii is great. Burlesque & his usual deep stuff ! Awesome ! We can aslo feel Jin Roh incoming !

  3. Jonathan De La Rosa's rating of the film The Red Spectacles

    I maintain that Talking Head is Oshii's weirdest, most borderline impenetrable movie, but this.... this comes reaaaallllly close. It's not as head-spinningly dense as the former, but it's even more manic and prone to deliberately violent and abrupt tone shifts to the point where it becomes this weird new-wave-ish live-action-anime tonal soup. Which of course means that, if you're strange like me, it's fun as hell.

  4. MGeo's rating of the film The Red Spectacles

    I always suspected that Oshii was not a good live-action director and my suspicions were proven correct with this film. This is not only his first live-action film, but is the first proper entry in the convoluted epic called The Kerberos Saga. This movie is trash because it is Oshii gone wrong. It is a confused art-house film, is badly put together, takes itself completely serious, and impossible to take seriously.

  5. Westley's rating of the film The Red Spectacles

    A seriously amazing and overlooked art-house film from Mamoru Oshii.