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  1. Joaquim Costa's rating of the film The Referee

    Fantastic film. Congratulations.

  2. Louisa Savignon's rating of the film The Referee

  3. msmichel's rating of the film The Referee

    Paolo Zucca expanded his '09 short into this stylish and often amusing satire on Italy's most sacred sport. A little too unfocused to really score but enjoyable entertainment.

  4. Marco Della Motta's rating of the film The Referee

    Stunningly beautiful cinematography sweeps the viewer through this very funny, intelligent, and clever film that, on a macrocosmic level, skewers football and the corruption within it and, on a microcosmic level, uses it with a quirky, almost anthropological eye to highlight and play out the tensions and rivalries among communities as it borrows from Western and Musical genres. Best film about football so far!

  5. captainfez's rating of the film The Referee

    I guess a prerequisite for caring about fictional soccer is caring about actual soccer.

  6. Eneas Carlos Pereira's rating of the film The Referee

    A narrativa com Links à Tempestade de Shakespeare torna o filme ainda mais interessante. Ao não se levar a sério, o filme faz um belo e coerente retrato das paixões futebolísticas e do povo latino.

  7. Kinshuk's rating of the film The Referee

    Almost everything about this film is clever! The absurdism aptly stops at satire, rich B&W scenes drip of poetry, dialogues tauten the pace and deepen the story arc, characters' visceral performances grip, the drums and violins as the overall music selection heightens voyueristic intent. A comic football story set in Sardinia can mirror a 'cotton-wooled-in-its-quirk' society so beautiful that it feels universal!

  8. DebraM's rating of the film The Referee

    Although I'm not a fan of sports films, I really liked aspects of this often satirical take on football. The sub-plots got in the way and at times I felt this was a little too disjointed. But the use of black & white was excellent, the central performances were great and the music selection and use were exceptional.

  9. Octavian Albu's rating of the film The Referee

    What is exceptional is how serious it takes itself for a film about a team in the lowest league in Italian Calcio. Right from the beginning it kicks off with a quote from Albert Camus about football. The exaggerated biblical references, solemn and graceful cinematography over black and white, memorable and beautifully created characters establish a very entertaining pace at a balance between comical and delightful.

  10. Daniel's rating of the film The Referee

    Simply enjoyable to watch. The story never lingers too long before delivering a laugh or a spectacle. The comedy punches high and low, running the gamut from broad physical humour to the absurdly metaphorical.

  11. nica's rating of the film The Referee

    Peaks early with the scene pictured above, but nonetheless enjoyable and funny, especially at similar musical moments throughout the rest of the film.

  12. Juan Javier's rating of the film The Referee

  13. mgaspa's rating of the film The Referee

    Es una pelicula preciosa. Me ha recordado a Fellini y a esta gran capacidad del cine italiano para reirse de si mismos. Hay que verla mas de una vez para apreciar estas pequeños momentos de pura ironia. Gracias por hacer hacernos reir i pensar a la vez ¡ Ha sido un placer verla. Bravo ¡¡¡

  14. DiegoMazacotte's rating of the film The Referee

    ¡Me encantó! muy divertida y bien contada, la primera que veo de Zucca. La primera escena, con la fotografía ya te transporta a este mundo donde el futbol es llevado al extremo religioso, disfrute muchisimo

  15. Anca.'s rating of the film The Referee

  16. ap's rating of the film The Referee

    3.5 - Rough around the edges, but really funny.

  17. Jadis's rating of the film The Referee

    great cinematography; very entertaining cute film.

  18. Diego Pino Zamora's rating of the film The Referee

    Fantásticamente bien contada, personajes alucinantes. Me encanto de principio a fin.

  19. Anugat's rating of the film The Referee

    When the style is so good, who cares about the substance. Stylistic & refreshing.

  20. Isaac's rating of the film The Referee

    Ainda que contenha alguns clichês como na relação romântica principal, esta comédia é divertidíssima ao abordar de maneira absurda o fanatismo com o esporte mais popular do mundo e suas ligações com a religião e a corrupção. Há inúmeras cenas de fazer gargalhar, com muito estilo na caracterização dos personagens, na ambientação, na fotografia de alto contraste e na trilha sonora apaixonante.

  21. Dennis Yildirim's rating of the film The Referee

    I simply loved it, reminded my childhood. Especially after the scene when they got beaten by the other team. One's leg broken... Same scene in highschool, one of my best friends arm was broken in a very tense match with a school from the ghettos in Turkey...

  22. Pius Strassmann's rating of the film The Referee

    very funny - and this music! i cantautori italiani sono i miglori!

  23. Korial's rating of the film The Referee

    Amazing soundtrack, photography and camera movements. The plot and characters development could have been more consistent, but this movie stands firm upon solid themes and ideas: the suspension of the ordinary, chaos and law, morality. Full of citations and references to other movies and paintings (Blow up-like finale). Moreover, it faithfully delivers how sports are reflections of societal values.