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  1. Photo of J. Lee Thompson

    J. Lee Thompson Director

  2. Photo of Charles A. Pratt

    Charles A. Pratt Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Frank P. Rosenberg

    Frank P. Rosenberg Producer

  4. Photo of Max Ehrlich

    Max Ehrlich Screenplay

  5. Photo of Victor J. Kemper

    Victor J. Kemper Cinematography

  6. Photo of Michael F. Anderson

    Michael F. Anderson Editing

  7. Photo of Jerry Goldsmith

    Jerry Goldsmith Music

  8. Photo of Michael Sarrazin

    Michael Sarrazin Cast

  9. Photo of Jennifer O'Neill

    Jennifer O'Neill Cast

  10. Photo of Margot Kidder

    Margot Kidder Cast

  11. Photo of Cornelia Sharpe

    Cornelia Sharpe Cast

  12. Photo of Paul Hecht

    Paul Hecht Cast

  13. Photo of Tony Stephano

    Tony Stephano Cast

  14. Photo of Norman Burton

    Norman Burton Cast

  15. Photo of Anne Ives

    Anne Ives Cast

  16. Photo of Debralee Scott

    Debralee Scott Cast

  17. Photo of Jon Richards

    Jon Richards Cast

  18. Photo of Steve Franken

    Steve Franken Cast

  19. Photo of Fred Stuthman

    Fred Stuthman Cast

  20. Photo of Lester Fletcher

    Lester Fletcher Cast