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  1. Photo of Muayad Alayan

    Muayad Alayan Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Maisa Abd Elhadi

    Maisa Abd Elhadi Cast

  3. Photo of Adeeb Safadi

    Adeeb Safadi Cast

  4. Photo of Sivane Kretchner

    Sivane Kretchner Cast

  5. Photo of Ishai Golan

    Ishai Golan Cast

  6. Photo of Sebastian Bock

    Sebastian Bock Cinematography

  7. Photo of Bashar Hassuneh

    Bashar Hassuneh Production Design

  8. Photo of Rami Musa Alayan

    Rami Musa Alayan Producer

  9. Photo of Hanna Atallah

    Hanna Atallah Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Sameer Qumsiyeh

    Sameer Qumsiyeh Editing