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  1. Samuel Wells's rating of the film The Republic

    It is bold to create an avant garde film that is three and a half hours. It is bolder still to create a recording of people reading a script and call it an avant garde film. And further still to make it a piece about mundane life, not learning from the greater minds of Welles who knew how to tell a story without showing. The Republic does not paint a picture adequately, and it if did it would still be boring. A waste

  2. David R Williams's rating of the film The Republic

    And I quote: "Outside the utopia where people are capable of listening to an uninterrupted script reading for 3.5 hours while watching black taking all that time to fade into white, this should probably be considered laziness." - second star for having the balls but really - I fell asleep.

  3. McOpinionated's rating of the film The Republic

    "No subtitles" - so much for my Deaf friends then. As for me, I wish there were an audio-only version of this which I could listen to.

  4. Benjamin Willems's rating of the film The Republic

    This film contributes to a future where film is a more diverse and interesting ecosystem. This is important. It is visually unique and aurally surprising. It shows range and ventures beyond the sounds of real life. Listen for the doorbells. Listen for the self-conscious performances. It treats its libertarian outsiders and ecigarette enthusiasts with seriousness. This is important. Mobarak's narration is incredible.

  5. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film The Republic

    Not really a film, despite the screen gradually fading from black to white throughout the 3 1/2 hr runtime, The Republic doesn't even have decent enough sound effects or vocal performances (some lines are delivered as if the performers are just reading them aloud while seeing them for the first time) to make it worth the slog. My rating reflects the main ideas of the plot rather than other aspects of the production.

  6. captainfez's rating of the film The Republic

    What imagery! Wait, sorry. What imagery? Yeah, that's what I meant.

  7. Babak Jani's rating of the film The Republic

    Some brilliant lines in it! Rather enjoyed it considering the doubts at the beginning.

  8. Snafu's rating of the film The Republic

    As a film-fails: no cinematography As a radio play: Pretty good use of dialogue to evoque a scene As a Play: nice use of blank screen to cause the audience to imagine a play Overall--this is best use of radio/podcast (trying to to get used to millennial terminology)

  9. Yusuf Copan's rating of the film The Republic

    I'm surprised by all the negativity! It's not quite a movie, but I enjoyed it. I love stories about the complications of life in a community that rejects society's laws and norms in favor of its own system of rules. The Republic does that very well and with an interesting set of characters (cheesy at times, but sincere and believable). Give it a shot! Listen like it's an audiobook.

  10. Stevens Van Strum's rating of the film The Republic

  11. mdm's rating of the film The Republic

    Looking forward to "Public Hearing". Honest!

  12. Slappy McGee's rating of the film The Republic

    Not a film. It is, in fact, a radio teleplay.

  13. Sergey Belov's rating of the film The Republic

  14. Timmy93's rating of the film The Republic