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Ratings & Reviews

  1. boringloser2002's rating of the film The Resort

    the story holds very well to the narrator, and the unusual digital degradation of the speaker from the resort shows us that he also has a woman fearing brain

  2. ~gonzodave's rating of the film The Resort

    The question for me, aside from the mood and aesthetic content, is: How many times had this character entered the machine only to remember being six years old and begin the narrative all over again. What is the director/creator trying to convey in this electric-junk (vs steam-punk) seemingly repeating drama of one prisoner inside a visitor resort? Kafka comes to mind. But not I'm not settled on that.

  3. Thatree Changlek's rating of the film The Resort

  4. myhumaninteractions's rating of the film The Resort

    I think the voice being unsure of the lines was intentional.

  5. Phil Worfel's rating of the film The Resort

    One of the best voice-over's I've hear in a while. Not as much used for storytelling as it is for aesthetic and mood. Very effective.

  6. Tanzil's rating of the film The Resort

    Not brilliant, I guess it's a film to present as an idea for a feature. minimal movement, cel-shaded animation. The narrator has a voice that isn't sure of their lines, has a potential to be much better. interesting story but never fully delivers