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  1. Photo of Brian De Palma

    Brian De Palma Director, Editing Cinematography

  2. Photo of William Seitz

    William Seitz Self

  3. Photo of Rudolph Arnheim

    Rudolph Arnheim Self

  4. Photo of Irving H. Leopold

    Irving H. Leopold Self

  5. Photo of David Hockney

    David Hockney Self

  6. Photo of Jeffrey Steele

    Jeffrey Steele Self

  7. Photo of Mon Levinson

    Mon Levinson Self

  8. Photo of Al Lesley

    Al Lesley Self

  9. Photo of Josef Albers

    Josef Albers Self

  10. Photo of Richard Anuszkiewicz

    Richard Anuszkiewicz Self

  11. Photo of Huntington Hartford

    Huntington Hartford Self

  12. Photo of Philip Johnson

    Philip Johnson Self

  13. Photo of Larry Aldrich

    Larry Aldrich Self

  14. Photo of Larry Rivers

    Larry Rivers Self

  15. Photo of Pamela Tiffin

    Pamela Tiffin Self

  16. Photo of Marisol

    Marisol Self

  17. Photo of Gardner Compton

    Gardner Compton Cinematography

  18. Photo of David Moscovitz

    David Moscovitz Cinematography

  19. Photo of Midge Mackenzie

    Midge Mackenzie Producer

  20. Photo of Ken Burrows

    Ken Burrows Executive Producer

  21. Photo of James Swan

    James Swan Sound