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  1. Photo of Nae Caranfil

    Nae Caranfil Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Cristian Comeaga

    Cristian Comeaga Producer

  3. Photo of Laurent Couson

    Laurent Couson Music

  4. Photo of Marius Panduru

    Marius Panduru Cinematography

  5. Photo of Dan Nanoveanu

    Dan Nanoveanu Editing

  6. Photo of Calin Papura

    Calin Papura Production Design

  7. Photo of Marius Florea Vizante

    Marius Florea Vizante Cast

  8. Photo of Ovidiu Niculescu

    Ovidiu Niculescu Cast

  9. Photo of Mirela Zeța

    Mirela Zeța Cast

  10. Photo of Sandu Mihai Gruia

    Sandu Mihai Gruia Cast

  11. Photo of Valentin Popescu

    Valentin Popescu Cast

  12. Photo of Nicu Mihoc

    Nicu Mihoc Cast

  13. Photo of Gavril Patru

    Gavril Patru Cast

  14. Photo of Silviu Biriș

    Silviu Biriș Cast

  15. Photo of Vlad Zamfirescu

    Vlad Zamfirescu Cast

  16. Photo of Samuel Tastet

    Samuel Tastet Cast

  17. Photo of Florin Zamfirescu

    Florin Zamfirescu Cast

  18. Photo of Alexandru Hasnaș

    Alexandru Hasnaș Cast

  19. Photo of Ioana Bulca

    Ioana Bulca Cast