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  1. Photo of Peter Hammond

    Peter Hammond Director

  2. Photo of David Carson

    David Carson Director

  3. Photo of Howard E. Baker

    Howard E. Baker Director

  4. Photo of John Bruce

    John Bruce Director

  5. Photo of Patrick Laurent

    Patrick Laurent Director

  6. Photo of John Madden

    John Madden Director

  7. Photo of John Gorrie

    John Gorrie Director

  8. Photo of Ken Hannam

    Ken Hannam Director

  9. Photo of Brian Mills

    Brian Mills Director

  10. Photo of Arthur Conan Doyle

    Arthur Conan Doyle Screenplay

  11. Photo of John Hawkesworth

    John Hawkesworth Screenplay

  12. Photo of Jeremy Brett

    Jeremy Brett Cast

  13. Photo of Edward Hardwicke

    Edward Hardwicke Cast

  14. Photo of Rosalie Williams

    Rosalie Williams Cast

  15. Photo of Colin Jeavons

    Colin Jeavons Cast

  16. Photo of Denis Lill

    Denis Lill Cast

  17. Photo of Harry Andrews

    Harry Andrews Cast

  18. Photo of Clive Francis

    Clive Francis Cast

  19. Photo of James Hazeldine

    James Hazeldine Cast

  20. Photo of Alan Howard

    Alan Howard Cast

  21. Photo of Eric Porter

    Eric Porter Cast

  22. Photo of Eric Sykes

    Eric Sykes Cast

  23. Photo of Christopher Benjamin

    Christopher Benjamin Cast

  24. Photo of Patrick Gowers

    Patrick Gowers Music