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  1. Photo of Kunt Tulgar

    Kunt Tulgar Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Joe Shuster

    Joe Shuster Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jerry Siegel

    Jerry Siegel Screenplay

  4. Photo of Tayfun Demir

    Tayfun Demir Cast

  5. Photo of Güngör Bayrak

    Güngör Bayrak Cast

  6. Photo of Esref Kolçak

    Esref Kolçak Cast

  7. Photo of Yildirim Gencer

    Yildirim Gencer Cast

  8. Photo of Nejat Özbek

    Nejat Özbek Cast

  9. Photo of Reha Yurdakul

    Reha Yurdakul Cast

  10. Photo of Seref Pekseker

    Seref Pekseker Cast

  11. Photo of Turgut Özatay

    Turgut Özatay Cast

  12. Photo of Kadir Kök

    Kadir Kök Cast

  13. Photo of Kudret Karadag

    Kudret Karadag Cast

  14. Photo of Yadigar Ejder

    Yadigar Ejder Cast

  15. Photo of Yusuf Çetin

    Yusuf Çetin Cast

  16. Photo of Çetin Basaran

    Çetin Basaran Cast

  17. Photo of Sirri Elitas

    Sirri Elitas Cast

  18. Photo of Ferhat Ünal

    Ferhat Ünal Cast

  19. Photo of Cevdet Balikçi

    Cevdet Balikçi Cast

  20. Photo of Resit Hazar

    Resit Hazar Cast

  21. Photo of Ekrem Dümer

    Ekrem Dümer Cast

  22. Photo of Ahmet Açan

    Ahmet Açan Cast

  23. Photo of Zeki Sezer

    Zeki Sezer Cast

  24. Photo of Oktar Durukan

    Oktar Durukan Cast

  25. Photo of Baki Tamer

    Baki Tamer Cast

  26. Photo of Niyazi Gökdere

    Niyazi Gökdere Cast

  27. Photo of Ibrahim Ugurlu

    Ibrahim Ugurlu Cast

  28. Photo of Emel Tulgar

    Emel Tulgar Production Design

  29. Photo of Ömer Babu

    Ömer Babu Production Design

  30. Photo of Ibrahim Tan

    Ibrahim Tan Production Design

  31. Photo of Murat Turgut

    Murat Turgut Production Design

  32. Photo of Mustafa Dogan

    Mustafa Dogan Executive Producer

  33. Photo of Kaan Tulgar

    Kaan Tulgar Editing and Cinematography

  34. Photo of Cenk Aral

    Cenk Aral Sound