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  1. Photo of Richard Lester

    Richard Lester Director

  2. Photo of Wayne Drizin

    Wayne Drizin Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Mario Sotela

    Mario Sotela Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Pierre Spengler

    Pierre Spengler Producer

  5. Photo of George MacDonald Fraser

    George MacDonald Fraser Screenplay

  6. Photo of Alexandre Dumas père

    Alexandre Dumas père Screenplay

  7. Photo of Bernard Lutic

    Bernard Lutic Cinematography

  8. Photo of Michael York

    Michael York Cast

  9. Photo of Oliver Reed

    Oliver Reed Cast

  10. Photo of Frank Finlay

    Frank Finlay Cast

  11. Photo of C. Thomas Howell

    C. Thomas Howell Cast

  12. Photo of Kim Cattrall

    Kim Cattrall Cast

  13. Photo of Geraldine Chaplin

    Geraldine Chaplin Cast

  14. Photo of Roy Kinnear

    Roy Kinnear Cast

  15. Photo of Christopher Lee

    Christopher Lee Cast

  16. Photo of Philippe Noiret

    Philippe Noiret Cast

  17. Photo of Richard Chamberlain

    Richard Chamberlain Cast

  18. Photo of Eusebio Lázaro

    Eusebio Lázaro Cast

  19. Photo of Alan Howard

    Alan Howard Cast

  20. Photo of David Birkin

    David Birkin Cast

  21. Photo of Bill Paterson

    Bill Paterson Cast

  22. Photo of Jean-Pierre Cassel

    Jean-Pierre Cassel Cast

  23. Photo of Billy Connolly

    Billy Connolly Cast

  24. Photo of John Victor-Smith

    John Victor-Smith Editing

  25. Photo of Gil Parrondo

    Gil Parrondo Production Design

  26. Photo of Jean-Claude Petit

    Jean-Claude Petit Music

  27. Photo of Yvonne Blake

    Yvonne Blake Costume Design

  28. Photo of Aldo Sambrell

    Aldo Sambrell Cast