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  1. g.meirelles20's rating of the film The Return

    Everything Zvyagintsev touches is gold.

  2. chris's rating of the film The Return

  3. Michele's rating of the film The Return

    pretentious and empty attempt to follow the masters of the form (see Bresson).

  4. juliana braka's rating of the film The Return

    uh quite the return indeed. ivan is stubborn. andrei is subservient. and papa is very suspicious. i can see why this won at venice. not my personal cup of tea but god that ending - those developed photos! - rlly do a number on you.

  5. mpho3's rating of the film The Return

    R.I.P. Vladimir. A fine performance, in a fine film.

  6. Miguel Contreras's rating of the film The Return

    Glad I caught this. Excellent film. Thank you.

  7. Charolastra's rating of the film The Return

    There's nothing quite like a good family drama. An excellent film showcasing the toxic masculinity (yeah I said it!) and emotional return of an absent father with noteworthy performances from the young boys. Reminiscent of David Gordon Green's debut George Washington. Not your typical deadbeat dad film by a very long shot.

  8. Aaron's rating of the film The Return

    Masterfully shot. Very refreshing camera movements. And a moving story, well acted. This film stuck in my mind for a while.

  9. crystal meff's rating of the film The Return

    A fear of heights is helpful in survival. The vestibular system, a part of the inner ear, is the sensory system that provides the leading contribution to the sense of balance and spatial orientation. The acrophobic over relies on visual signals , overloads the visual cortex resulting in confusion. Moral of the story ?

  10. alejalej13's rating of the film The Return

    A tragedy. The film showed a sibling relationship that many can relate to. Both with different approaches to a series of events caused by the return of the past; their long-gone father.

  11. Adam Laurence Pitt's rating of the film The Return

  12. Amanda's rating of the film The Return

    I watched this a few years ago in a modern Russian cinema and theatre course. It was one of the best films we viewed.

  13. mis marg's rating of the film The Return

    Haunting?(Mubi's take), how true! Or, how Ivan sulked thru' fathers last trip. Law of unintended consequences seems to apply all round. How did they get back to the car? what was stowed away in the boat. Did they get home? strikes me as all very magical the things that then needed to happen while in the back end of nowhere!

  14. Spezialle_K's rating of the film The Return

    Great stuff. Really well balanced, thought provoking and powerful drama. Expertly shows human emotions, good and bad, love and hate. Dad knows about the vertigo and will stop at nothing to protect his son - that’s my take on that. Cutting edge and effective soundtrack and stunning scenery throughout. I want to go to that island, though on a bigger, more seaworthy boat! x

  15. janh24's rating of the film The Return

    A real mystery that stays with you. One to watch.

  16. Thomas Dods's rating of the film The Return

    The returning Father in THE RETURN is both a dominating and almost elemental force, disrupting the dynamic of his abandoned family and stirring strong emotions amongst his two teenage sons. This is evoked further by the harsh nature experienced on their ill fated fishing trip, giving the film a mythic quality despite its realism. Tense, mysterious and dramatic - Zvyagintsev shows a masterly control of his craft.

  17. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film The Return

    An excellent, brooding, drama from Andrey Zvyagintsev, this benefits from a couple of great lead performances from two young leads and a heavy atmosphere throughout.

  18. Wee Hunk's rating of the film The Return

    It's evocative of some famous images in the history of art and cinema. Early on there's 'Lamentation of Christ', and later I saw references to 'The Conformist'. The kids were quite good, particularly Ivan with his seething rage and resentment.

  19. smndvdcl's rating of the film The Return

    Compelling crisis of masculinity film and the toxic idolatry of alpha parenting. Patriarchy is underpinned by interpreting courage through the lens of machismo.

  20. Edo's rating of the film The Return

    Films made in 2003 according to Google: Hulk, Elf, The Matrix Reloaded, SWAT, The Matrix Revolutions, Finding Nemo, The Lord of The Rings, Terminator 3, X2, and so on and so forth ... Now, thanks to MUBI ... JUSTICE HAS BEEN DONE! Well done. This app is definitely changing the way we see reality. Zvyagintsev's English interview here:

  21. Loz Loory's rating of the film The Return

    The looks on the faces of the mother and grandmother at the dinner table=perfection.

  22. Charlie Douglas-Hamilton's rating of the film The Return

    The shadow of the father weighs a ton. A haunted, existentialist post-christian allegory. Shot beautifully with tender performances and a reflective muted mood. A stunning film looking at whether self-discovery exists in a vacuum, and following from that the debts we don't wish to acknowledge. A tale of growth amongst our genetic chains.

  23. SiIencio's rating of the film The Return

    With early hints of haunting thriller and claustrophobia, The Return unexpectedly disolves into an evocative road trip of father-son tensions towards nowhere. There is too much vagueness and unfullfilling sentiment in this feature to ultimately satisfy.

  24. horseshorses's rating of the film The Return

    imagine hating your dad so much it kILLS him

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