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Ratings & Reviews

  1. kyeo's rating of the film The Returned

    SEASON I **** SEASON II not completed

  2. Wee Hunk's rating of the film The Returned

    The best French TV show I have ever seen. The American version just couldn't recreate the magic, though it had a wonderful soundtrack. I watched the movie it was based on, and it wasn't bad. Such a long time to wait between seasons, but it was worth it.

  3. afuchs's rating of the film The Returned

    You have to love the French zombies: it's all style, long shots, relationships, emotions, none of the arcade shooting the uninitiated would expect from a zombie apocalypse series.

  4. Severus Snape's rating of the film The Returned

  5. Slow Immersion's rating of the film The Returned

    Probably a top five series all of time for me; this looks at life and death (returning from the dead), in an existential way, and not just the positive aspects. Quite a difference in approach to your typical scifis. A merging of atmospheric drama, melancholy, loss and sci fi, + a very filmic style and great soundtrack. At two seasons, far too short, much like the Knick. One of a kind as far as TV shows.

  6. Nasiba Muhsin's rating of the film The Returned

    Those who describe The Returned as a zombie series greatly misunderstand the overwhelming piece of French existentialism. The series carefully breathes an ambiguity which unfolds your own beauty in the way you rationalise and build together concepts of spiritual vs physical form.

  7. smndvdcl's rating of the film The Returned

    Taking the 'ghost town' concept from its figurative idiomatic connotations to its literal conclusion. What an absorbing, haunting and uncanny depiction of fraught supernatural reunions.

  8. jxn's rating of the film The Returned

    season two is a real let down but still it's one of the best supernatural shows of recent times.