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  1. Photo of Markus Barmettler

    Markus Barmettler Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Paul Green

    Paul Green Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Jennifer Davisson Killoran

    Jennifer Davisson Killoran Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Philip Lee

    Philip Lee Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Jake Myers

    Jake Myers Executive Producer

  6. Photo of James Packer

    James Packer Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Brett Ratner

    Brett Ratner Executive Producer

  8. Photo of David Kanter

    David Kanter Producer

  9. Photo of Mary Parent

    Mary Parent Producer

  10. Photo of Keith Redmon

    Keith Redmon Producer

  11. Photo of James W. Skotchdopole

    James W. Skotchdopole Producer

  12. Photo of Carsten Nicolai

    Carsten Nicolai Music

  13. Photo of Ryûichi Sakamoto

    Ryûichi Sakamoto Music

  14. Photo of Emmanuel Lubezki

    Emmanuel Lubezki Cinematography

  15. Photo of Stephen Mirrione

    Stephen Mirrione Editing

  16. Photo of Jack Fisk

    Jack Fisk Production Design

  17. Photo of Forrest Goodluck

    Forrest Goodluck Cast

  18. Photo of Paul Anderson

    Paul Anderson Cast

  19. Photo of Kristoffer Joner

    Kristoffer Joner Cast

  20. Photo of Joshua Burge

    Joshua Burge Cast

  21. Photo of Brendan Fletcher

    Brendan Fletcher Cast

  22. Photo of Alejandro González Iñárritu

    Alejandro González Iñárritu Director, Producer Screenplay

  23. Photo of Michael Punke

    Michael Punke Screenplay

  24. Photo of Mark L. Smith

    Mark L. Smith Screenplay

  25. Photo of Tom Hardy

    Tom Hardy Cast

  26. Photo of Leonardo DiCaprio

    Leonardo DiCaprio Cast

  27. Photo of Will Poulter

    Will Poulter Cast

  28. Photo of Domhnall Gleeson

    Domhnall Gleeson Cast