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  1. Ismawati Dasuki's rating of the film The Revenant

  2. Laura G. Barea's rating of the film The Revenant

  3. David Langford's rating of the film The Revenant

    Here's an interesting and solid entry in the zombie genre. It blends horror, action, and comedy fairly successfully. While it is a low budget movie, it never succumbs to the trappings of those limitations. In fact the effects are quite impressive as well as the acting. The movie has a lot on its mind which is its strength and weakness. It suffers from being overly long but still manages to be a lot of fun.

  4. Sean's rating of the film The Revenant

    Bart comes back from the Iraq war but as a zombie. He was ruled as killed in action but hours after his funeral he wakes up to find that he's walking dead. This isn't like any other zombie film I've seen, Bart's not your typical zombie as he walks and talks normally but feeds on the living at night. There are some nice gore and some pretty inventive scenes. its a decent zombie flick.

  5. Michael Harbour's rating of the film The Revenant

    Excellent buddy/action/horror/comedy. A truly outstanding low budget indie film that really doesn't look or feel like a low budget film.