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Ratings & Reviews

  1. jhubbs's rating of the film The Revisionaries

    Great insight into the decision-making process of the Texas Board of Education. The filmmaker's bias is far too front-and-center, unfortunately, and doesn't give the opposing side a fair shake at times. I tend to agree with the position the film takes but I was hoping for more of an objective study than a liberal base-pleaser.

  2. texinthecity's rating of the film The Revisionaries

    saw this at TFF; i'm a transplanted New Yorker who was born and raised in Texas; these people affect our nation by what they decide to include or omit in a textbook hence their power should not be ignored; this is one of the most insightful, fair, balanced, accounts of an issue that is surprisingly relevant to anyone who has kids or was one in the public schools. (thanks to the cast for a great post-screening Q&A!)