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  1. Photo of Dan Fraga

    Dan Fraga Director

  2. Photo of Craig Kellman

    Craig Kellman Director

  3. Photo of Glyn Hughes

    Glyn Hughes Music

  4. Photo of Ricky Gervais

    Ricky Gervais Producer, Voice Screenplay

  5. Photo of Stephen Merchant

    Stephen Merchant Producer, Voice Screenplay

  6. Photo of Karl Pilkington

    Karl Pilkington Producer, Voice Screenplay

  7. Photo of Mattaniah Adams

    Mattaniah Adams Editing

  8. Photo of Damon P. Yoches

    Damon P. Yoches Editing

  9. Photo of Bruce King

    Bruce King Editing

  10. Photo of Anna Hollingsworth

    Anna Hollingsworth Animation

  11. Photo of Layron DeJarnette

    Layron DeJarnette Animation

  12. Photo of Myke Chilian

    Myke Chilian Animation

  13. Photo of Andrew DeLange

    Andrew DeLange Animation

  14. Photo of Bryan Arnett

    Bryan Arnett Art Department