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  1. Photo of David Frost

    David Frost Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Harry Fine

    Harry Fine Producer

  3. Photo of Graham Chapman

    Graham Chapman Screenplay and Cast

  4. Photo of Kevin Billington

    Kevin Billington Screenplay and Director

  5. Photo of Alex Thomson

    Alex Thomson Cinematography

  6. Photo of Stan Hawkes

    Stan Hawkes Editing

  7. Photo of John Cameron

    John Cameron Music

  8. Photo of Peter Cook

    Peter Cook Cast and Screenplay

  9. Photo of Denholm Elliott

    Denholm Elliott Cast

  10. Photo of Ronald Fraser

    Ronald Fraser Cast

  11. Photo of Vanessa Howard

    Vanessa Howard Cast

  12. Photo of Arthur Lowe

    Arthur Lowe Cast

  13. Photo of James Cossins

    James Cossins Cast

  14. Photo of Roland Culver

    Roland Culver Cast

  15. Photo of Dudley Foster

    Dudley Foster Cast

  16. Photo of Julian Glover

    Julian Glover Cast

  17. Photo of Richard Pearson

    Richard Pearson Cast

  18. Photo of Harold Pinter

    Harold Pinter Cast

  19. Photo of Dennis Price

    Dennis Price Cast

  20. Photo of Ronnie Corbett

    Ronnie Corbett Cast

  21. Photo of Michael Barrington

    Michael Barrington Cast

  22. Photo of Michael Bates

    Michael Bates Cast

  23. Photo of Ann Beach

    Ann Beach Cast

  24. Photo of Norman Bird

    Norman Bird Cast

  25. Photo of Jonathan Cecil

    Jonathan Cecil Cast

  26. Photo of John Cleese

    John Cleese Cast and Screenplay

  27. Photo of George A. Cooper

    George A. Cooper Cast

  28. Photo of Diana Coupland

    Diana Coupland Cast

  29. Photo of Graham Crowden

    Graham Crowden Cast

  30. Photo of Valerie Leon

    Valerie Leon Cast