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  1. Photo of Mike De Leon

    Mike De Leon Director

  2. Photo of Clodualdo Del Mundo Jr.

    Clodualdo Del Mundo Jr. Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gil Quito

    Gil Quito Screenplay

  4. Photo of Charo Santos-Concio

    Charo Santos-Concio Cast

  5. Photo of Tommy Abuel

    Tommy Abuel Cast

  6. Photo of Mario Montenegro

    Mario Montenegro Cast

  7. Photo of Mona Lisa

    Mona Lisa Cast

  8. Photo of Moody Diaz

    Moody Diaz Cast

  9. Photo of Sarah K. Joaquin

    Sarah K. Joaquin Cast

  10. Photo of Susan Valdez-LeGoff

    Susan Valdez-LeGoff Cast

  11. Photo of Bembol Roco

    Bembol Roco Cast

  12. Photo of Hilda Koronel

    Hilda Koronel Cast

  13. Photo of Ely Cruz

    Ely Cruz Cinematography

  14. Photo of Rody Lacap

    Rody Lacap Cinematography

  15. Photo of Max Jocson

    Max Jocson Music

  16. Photo of Mel Chionglo

    Mel Chionglo Production Design

  17. Photo of Severino Manotok Jr.

    Severino Manotok Jr. Producer

  18. Photo of Ike Jarlego Jr.

    Ike Jarlego Jr. Editing

  19. Photo of Luis Reyes

    Luis Reyes Sound

  20. Photo of Ramon Reyes

    Ramon Reyes Sound

  21. Photo of Sebastian Sayson

    Sebastian Sayson Sound