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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film The River

    Classique du cinéma muet, porté aux nues par les surréalistes, dont il ne reste malheureusement que cinquante-cinq minutes, pour en apprécier la réelle valeur .....

  2. Diderot's rating of the film The River

    The way this film is reconstructed (scenes missing, replaced by production stills and intertitles) makes for a unique viewing experience that seems to fit this narrative perfectly. It adds layers of implausibility, ellipsis, and rhythm that could be played with probably quite fruitfully.

  3. RoRoRoro's rating of the film The River

  4. Hugo Poderoso's rating of the film The River

    Incomplete films are always a topic for an interesting aesthetic debate: Can we consider what chance has left as a new work with its own value or is it inseparable from the original intention? Still, what's left is an intense melodrama that deals with sex in both a metaphorical way and a raw and direct one.

  5. El Biffo's rating of the film The River

    Unfortunately, only fragments of this film remain. I am giving it 5 stars based on other Borzage silents. The bits still extant are great. Maybe someday the rest of the film will be discovered...

  6. José Neves's rating of the film The River

    Cinematography by Ernest Palmer. "Desire" list: Charles Farrell in the hands of Frank Borzage became a mark of virile sensitivity, immortalized by each and every moment that at the present time each one of his films is seen, with the beauty of time and its extent, of that time in him, of him out-of-time.

  7. Karthik's rating of the film The River

    "The river, like love, cleanses all things."

  8. Robert Regan's rating of the film The River

    Yes Mr. Aditya, It would be nice to see the entire film, but I have a feeling that adding the plot elements to the fragment that we have would tend to dilute what is perhaps the most intense story of a man and a woman ever.

  9. Yuki Aditya's rating of the film The River

    if only the lost reels is found...