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  1. Seesaw's rating of the film The River

    Beautifully interwind organism created by master Renoir.

  2. dionysus67's rating of the film The River

    Initially I had mixed feelings about this. Yet, as it progresses its cumulative effect is exponential with great character development and apt vignettes on India's culture. It may flirt dangerously with a tourist's gaze, yet the exuberant color generates some amazing, painterly like frames, and underlines superb sequences (e.g. the midday nap). The flux of life is India's legacy in this curious, yet dazzling film.

  3. Drew Kelly's rating of the film The River

    The River as the flow of creativity, of life. The gate into the outer world of adulthood, acceptance of the injustices and lackings in life. A coming of age story for all characters involved, each with their own conflictions. A beautiful rounded portrait of each character; a drama of staging, colors, words, and setting.

  4. Kuja's rating of the film The River

    3.8. Am I the only one who thinks that Indians dance wonderfully well?

  5. Yokna HASEGAWA's rating of the film The River

    Gift. The accurate framing, amazing shadow, lights.. the sense of moments. In life, moments never come again, but in cinema, especially this, they can. Though it's far. My most favourite directors mentioned about this. Marguerite Duras and Keisuke Kinoshita. I loved these films disconnectedly,but unexpectedly connected. This never ending ,international,boundless stream of cinema, I like that. Such an abundant source.

  6. Chearth's rating of the film The River

  7. noice's rating of the film The River

  8. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film The River

    Coming-of-age drama about three British girls that are fascinated with a with an older American soldier. While it is clearly a story told by a person with a romantic view on Indian culture and it's people it looks excellent and there is not really anything bad to say about it even if it is clearly a one-sided romantic love letter to India.

  9. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film The River

    Moral of the story is don't name your son Bogey!

  10. Luis Pires's rating of the film The River

    Every white person in this is so annoying, with the exception of Nora Swinburne. Radha is delightful, though; that dance scene was gorgeous.

  11. Mariana Basílio's rating of the film The River

    i can't ignore Renoir's appreciation for humanity as a whole and life's circularity with this beautiful technicolor feature. Love portrayed by three women on the brink of fully growing up and realizing life has its strengths, regrets, loves and most importantly, it is one with nature and the cosmos. Mesmerizing!

  12. DenoResandono's rating of the film The River

    It has been said that THE RIVER is Martin Scorsese's favorite movie. This is the first time I watched a movie from director Jean Renoir. It's a story about a woman who recalled her past in India. THE RIVER has a simple storytelling. It seems Mr. Renoir just let the story flow like a river. THE RIVER is a good example of how to use a proper Technicolor. The cinematography is gorgeous. Maybe I should watch it again...

  13. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film The River

    The best known of the post-war Renoirs. It's a colorful and visually pretty film that reminds me of Black Narcissus. It just feels a little stagy and that keeps it from being a favorite.

  14. Eriugena82's rating of the film The River

    Overall I enjoyed it, but I often found myself bored as well. Visually the Indian setting is often beautiful. The elements of Hinduism in the film are also very interesting, in terms of the ceremonies, rites, beliefs and which are depicted as part of life around the Ganges, as well as a general philosophical undercurrent in the film. But other parts, namely the aspects of romantic drama, I just found quite dull.

  15. Howard Fritzson's rating of the film The River

    I love this flawed film. The beauty of the conception takes precedence over everything. The ravishing cinematography is also a plus.

  16. zohen lux's rating of the film The River

    i think i would've liked this better if it focused more on native people and less on the rich white colonists..... plus the acting was atrocious and everyone seemed like they would rather straight up die than deliver their lines. also, pretty unbelievable that every female character was smitten with Captain Buttered Toast

  17. FISCHER's rating of the film The River

    A l'image de la fascinante fête de la lumière (diwali) qui s'inscrit dans une magnifique séquence du film, cette oeuvre de Jean Renoir, sereine et majestueuse, resplendit d'aisance et de naturel, loin d'un pesant et malvenu folklore touristique. Une réalisation qui à travers la luxuriance des décors et la profonde aménité des personnages, se présente comme une véritable leçon de vie et d'harmonie.

  18. Nolan Barth's rating of the film The River

    I am a huge fan of Martin Scorsese and I heard that this was one of his favorite films. So I obviously sought it out and watched it immediately and I loved it! This is an absolutely gorgeous looking film. I loved Renoir's use of color, the film just looks so rich and exuberant! I really enjoyed seeing the culture of India and it's people. This film is a classic film and everyone should see it!

  19. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film The River

    7.1/10, my review:

  20. Marina C.'s rating of the film The River

    Two stars for the cinematography -- but can't bear through yet another colonialist white family story, even though it's entirely shot in India and the majority of the characters are asian.

  21. ginobartolomi's rating of the film The River

    I watched 'Summertime' and 'The River' as a double feature, so I feel inclined to rate them comparatively...the films were produced within four years of each other, 1951 -'The River'- and 1955- 'Summertime'. Both are generally focused on people outside of their native lands, the latter directed by an Englishman, about an American woman visiting Europe for the first time, whereas Renoir, the Frenchman, showcased...↓

  22. nessmj's rating of the film The River

    a film beyond rebuke - an unapologetic inspection of the loss of innocence and its seeming lack of indelible marking upon the world. the river keeps flowing regardless of tragedy, regardless of individual change. achingly beautiful, the impermanence coupled with a universe of cyclical movement.

  23. Ayinde Anderson's rating of the film The River

    The beginning comes to an end, and the end begins. 3.5

  24. joaom's rating of the film The River

    Like a lovely Autumn afternoon that feels just like Summer.

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