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  1. dionysus67's rating of the film The Road to Bresson

    Hagiographic portrait of a major auteur. The directors over-rely maybe on extracts form Bresson's entire oeuvre, yet the narrative economy is a defiinite plus. Bresson's appearance is as infrequent as one might expect but when he eventually grants the luxury of an interview the few words he utters serve as a 'guide for the perplexed'. Humble, poetic, enlightening and austerely critical of the movie industry!

  2. EdieEmm's rating of the film The Road to Bresson

    Some intriguing scraps of footage... Felt like a still-sparse evidence wall, early on in an investigation. I'm not sure the filmmakers were at all qualified to put this together, in terms of understanding Bresson; on the other hand, perhaps it's exactly that naive audacity that allowed them to pull it off. Which is good for them. Not that interesting for me. Bresson: Without a Trace is infinitely more compelling. 2.5

  3. Kamran's rating of the film The Road to Bresson

    A solid documentary profiling the enigmatic auteur, Robert Bresson. Some wonderful interview footage with Bresson, Tarkovsky, Malle etc., and an amazing moment where two of my favourite directors, Tarkovsky and Bresson, share a round of applause after humbling accepting their Best Director awards at Cannes 1993. 80/100 - Great

  4. Karl J. Kipling's rating of the film The Road to Bresson

    He doesn't want to be interviewed, looks like he wants to get out of the chair and race out of the room. He says, "I'm finished, you said 'one question,' I've answered it." The interviewer, a Dutch film student, tries to slide one last question in there. Bresson seems to not hear it, decides to mumble some parting words, then goes. It is only once the screen goes black that one realizes: the answer is there.

  5. laverite's rating of the film The Road to Bresson

    Definitely I agree with Tarkovsky, Bresson is one of the few who seeks for simplicity and unassuming depth and succeeds. When Tarkovsky talks about Bresson is magic, it loved it. And the trio in cannes of Welles-Bresson-Tarkovsky left me breathless. I loved it.