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  1. Photo of Natalie Kalustian

    Natalie Kalustian Screenplay, Editing Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Rana al Aiouby

    Rana al Aiouby Self, Cinematography Producer

  3. Photo of Tariq Ali

    Tariq Ali Self

  4. Photo of Reza Aslan

    Reza Aslan Self

  5. Photo of Juan E. Campo

    Juan E. Campo Self

  6. Photo of Hameed Tajeldin

    Hameed Tajeldin Self

  7. Photo of Paul D. Eaton

    Paul D. Eaton Self

  8. Photo of Arun Gandhi

    Arun Gandhi Self

  9. Photo of Thich Nhat Hanh

    Thich Nhat Hanh Self

  10. Photo of Katy Helvenston-Wettengal

    Katy Helvenston-Wettengal Self

  11. Photo of Dahr Jamail

    Dahr Jamail Self

  12. Photo of Adam Kokesh

    Adam Kokesh Self

  13. Photo of Dennis Kucinich

    Dennis Kucinich Self

  14. Photo of Matthew Mardan

    Matthew Mardan Self

  15. Photo of Nadia McCaffery

    Nadia McCaffery Self

  16. Photo of Nir Rosen

    Nir Rosen Self

  17. Photo of Desmond Tutu

    Desmond Tutu Self

  18. Photo of Allen Vaught

    Allen Vaught Self

  19. Photo of Michael Zacchea

    Michael Zacchea Self

  20. Photo of Donna Zovko

    Donna Zovko Self

  21. Photo of Tom Zovko

    Tom Zovko Self

  22. Photo of Maxine Waters

    Maxine Waters Self

  23. Photo of Isam Rasheed

    Isam Rasheed Cinematography

  24. Photo of Greg Ellis

    Greg Ellis Music

  25. Photo of Michelle Rhea

    Michelle Rhea Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Jimmy Giritlian

    Jimmy Giritlian Editing

  27. Photo of Neil Mandelberg

    Neil Mandelberg Editing

  28. Photo of Mark Manning

    Mark Manning Editing, Self, Director, Cinematography & 2 more
    Mark Manning Editing, Self, Director, Cinematography, Executive Producer, Screenplay