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  1. Photo of Sion Sono

    Sion Sono Director, Editing Screenplay

  2. Photo of Takaharu Yasuoka

    Takaharu Yasuoka Producer

  3. Photo of Takayuki Nakano

    Takayuki Nakano Producer

  4. Photo of Ryo Matsuoka

    Ryo Matsuoka Producer

  5. Photo of Yûichirô Ôtsuka

    Yûichirô Ôtsuka Cinematography

  6. Photo of Kunihiko Ukai

    Kunihiko Ukai Editing

  7. Photo of Kosei Yamamoto

    Kosei Yamamoto Music

  8. Photo of Hiroki Okano

    Hiroki Okano Music and Sound

  9. Photo of Shigenori Miki

    Shigenori Miki Cinematography

  10. Photo of Norimasa Wakita

    Norimasa Wakita Production Design

  11. Photo of Akaji Maro

    Akaji Maro Cast

  12. Photo of Yoriko Dôguchi

    Yoriko Dôguchi Cast

  13. Photo of Shirô Sano

    Shirô Sano Cast

  14. Photo of Sayoko Takahashi

    Sayoko Takahashi Cast

  15. Photo of Masao Matsuda

    Masao Matsuda Cast

  16. Photo of Eiichi Uchida

    Eiichi Uchida Cast

  17. Photo of Yuko Terashima

    Yuko Terashima Cast