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  1. Photo of Fons Rademakers

    Fons Rademakers Director

  2. Photo of Ingrid Windisch

    Ingrid Windisch Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Yoram Globus

    Yoram Globus Producer

  4. Photo of Menahem Golan

    Menahem Golan Producer

  5. Photo of Christopher Pearce

    Christopher Pearce Producer

  6. Photo of Artur Brauner

    Artur Brauner Screenplay, Producer

  7. Photo of Paul Hengge

    Paul Hengge Screenplay

  8. Photo of Günther Schwarberg

    Günther Schwarberg Screenplay

  9. Photo of Gernot Roll

    Gernot Roll Cinematography

  10. Photo of Liv Ullmann

    Liv Ullmann Cast

  11. Photo of Maximilian Schell

    Maximilian Schell Cast

  12. Photo of Peter Fonda

    Peter Fonda Cast

  13. Photo of Jan Niklas

    Jan Niklas Cast

  14. Photo of Hanns Zischler

    Hanns Zischler Cast

  15. Photo of Kurt Hübner

    Kurt Hübner Cast

  16. Photo of Georg Marischka

    Georg Marischka Cast

  17. Photo of Gila Almagor

    Gila Almagor Cast

  18. Photo of Katarina Lena Müller

    Katarina Lena Müller Cast

  19. Photo of Nicolaus Sombart

    Nicolaus Sombart Cast

  20. Photo of Özay Fecht

    Özay Fecht Cast

  21. Photo of Achim Ruppel

    Achim Ruppel Cast

  22. Photo of Friedhelm Lehmann

    Friedhelm Lehmann Cast

  23. Photo of Mareike Carrière

    Mareike Carrière Cast

  24. Photo of Kees Linthorst

    Kees Linthorst Editing, Sound

  25. Photo of Jan Schlubach

    Jan Schlubach Production Design

  26. Photo of Egisto Macchi

    Egisto Macchi Music

  27. Photo of Jim Corcoran

    Jim Corcoran Sound

  28. Photo of Louis Elman

    Louis Elman Sound

  29. Photo of Hans-Walter Kramski

    Hans-Walter Kramski Sound

  30. Photo of Karl-Heinz Laabs

    Karl-Heinz Laabs Sound

  31. Photo of Nicolas Le Messurier

    Nicolas Le Messurier Sound

  32. Photo of Marc Nolens

    Marc Nolens Sound

  33. Photo of Monika Jacobs

    Monika Jacobs Costume Design

  34. Photo of Horst Scheel

    Horst Scheel Cast

  35. Photo of Peter Kortenbach

    Peter Kortenbach Cast

  36. Photo of Hans-Jürgen Schatz

    Hans-Jürgen Schatz Cast

  37. Photo of Dagmar Cassens

    Dagmar Cassens Cast