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  1. Photo of Angel Santos

    Angel Santos Screenplay

  2. Photo of Daniel Froiz

    Daniel Froiz Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Xacobe Casas

    Xacobe Casas Screenplay

  4. Photo of Alberto Rolán

    Alberto Rolán Cast

  5. Photo of Nerea Barros

    Nerea Barros Cast

  6. Photo of Xosé Barato

    Xosé Barato Cast

  7. Photo of Antonio Durán 'Morris'

    Antonio Durán 'Morris' Cast

  8. Photo of Laura Lamontagne

    Laura Lamontagne Cast

  9. Photo of Alberte Branco

    Alberte Branco Cinematography

  10. Photo of Charles Rapante

    Charles Rapante Music

  11. Photo of Diana Toucedo

    Diana Toucedo Editing

  12. Photo of Iria Silvosa

    Iria Silvosa Editing

  13. Photo of Anxos Fazáns

    Anxos Fazáns Editing, Director Screenplay