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  1. Photo of George Cukor

    George Cukor Director

  2. Photo of Cyril Gardner

    Cyril Gardner Director

  3. Photo of Edna Ferber

    Edna Ferber Screenplay

  4. Photo of George S. Kaufman

    George S. Kaufman Screenplay

  5. Photo of Herman J. Mankiewicz

    Herman J. Mankiewicz Screenplay

  6. Photo of Gertrude Purcell

    Gertrude Purcell Screenplay

  7. Photo of Ina Claire

    Ina Claire Cast

  8. Photo of Fredric March

    Fredric March Cast

  9. Photo of Mary Brian

    Mary Brian Cast

  10. Photo of Henrietta Crosman

    Henrietta Crosman Cast

  11. Photo of Charles Starrett

    Charles Starrett Cast

  12. Photo of Arnold Korff

    Arnold Korff Cast

  13. Photo of Frank Conroy

    Frank Conroy Cast

  14. Photo of Royal C. Stout

    Royal C. Stout Cast

  15. Photo of Elsie Esmond

    Elsie Esmond Cast

  16. Photo of Murray Alper

    Murray Alper Cast

  17. Photo of Wesley Stark

    Wesley Stark Cast

  18. Photo of Herschel Mayall

    Herschel Mayall Cast

  19. Photo of George J. Folsey

    George J. Folsey Cinematography

  20. Photo of Edward Dmytryk

    Edward Dmytryk Editing