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Ratings & Reviews

  1. letters never sent's rating of the film The Ruined Map

    The camera work and the stunning primary colours were amazing. The suspense was gripping. It's just a little all over the place.

  2. joey Noodles's rating of the film The Ruined Map

    A film that constantly intrigues but never delivers what it seems to promise, there's a lot there in the mix but none of it ever really properly comes to fruition and what results is a fascinating mess of a film on identity and the desire to escape oneself, occasionally displaying hints of the mastery Teshigahara proves in The Face of Another but never furthering its potential fully. 3/5

  3. slaepwerigne's rating of the film The Ruined Map

    so, so muddled. some great shots, some awesome sound design, but really pales in comparison to teshigahara's previous works.

  4. Scout Tafoya's rating of the film The Ruined Map

    This modernist masterpiece finds Teshigahara using the luxuries brought by colour film and an entire city at his disposal to maximum ambient effect. At once formalist and experimental, Ruined Map is both a stirringly eclectic genre piece and a truly audacious work of art.

  5. Genaro Navarro's rating of the film The Ruined Map

    finally here, This is one of the greatest films that brings lessons to Antonioni, and that's pretty difficult.