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  1. Photo of Veit Harlan

    Veit Harlan Director

  2. Photo of Thea von Harbou

    Thea von Harbou Screenplay

  3. Photo of Curt J. Braun

    Curt J. Braun Screenplay

  4. Photo of Harald Bratt

    Harald Bratt Screenplay

  5. Photo of Gerhart Hauptmann

    Gerhart Hauptmann Screenplay

  6. Photo of Emil Jannings

    Emil Jannings Cast

  7. Photo of Paul Wagner

    Paul Wagner Cast

  8. Photo of Hannes Stelzer

    Hannes Stelzer Cast

  9. Photo of Hilde Körber

    Hilde Körber Cast

  10. Photo of Käthe Haack

    Käthe Haack Cast

  11. Photo of Herbert Hübner

    Herbert Hübner Cast

  12. Photo of Maria Koppenhöfer

    Maria Koppenhöfer Cast

  13. Photo of Marianne Hoppe

    Marianne Hoppe Cast

  14. Photo of Helene Fehdmer

    Helene Fehdmer Cast

  15. Photo of Max Gülstorff

    Max Gülstorff Cast

  16. Photo of Harald Paulsen

    Harald Paulsen Cast

  17. Photo of Theodor Loos

    Theodor Loos Cast

  18. Photo of Rudolf Klein-Rogge

    Rudolf Klein-Rogge Cast

  19. Photo of Paul Bildt

    Paul Bildt Cast

  20. Photo of Walter Werner

    Walter Werner Cast

  21. Photo of Heinrich Schroth

    Heinrich Schroth Cast

  22. Photo of Hans Stiebner

    Hans Stiebner Cast

  23. Photo of Peter Elsholtz

    Peter Elsholtz Cast

  24. Photo of Heinz Wemper

    Heinz Wemper Cast

  25. Photo of Günther Anders

    Günther Anders Cinematography

  26. Photo of Werner Brandes

    Werner Brandes Cinematography

  27. Photo of Wolfgang Zeller

    Wolfgang Zeller Music

  28. Photo of Robert Herlth

    Robert Herlth Production Design

  29. Photo of Karl Julius Fritzsche

    Karl Julius Fritzsche Producer

  30. Photo of Martha Dübber

    Martha Dübber Editing