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Ratings & Reviews

  1. el.'s rating of the film The Rundown

    2,5/5 action/comedy combos tend to be a drag and this didn't turn out to have a wow effect either, but if i forget about my disliking of the genre specifics, it's an ok movie that produced e a few laughs, nice action scenes and a fun d.johnson performance.

  2. Punchbrain's rating of the film The Rundown

    Dwayne Johnson is just great.. there is not so much adventure action movies these times.. this is a good one

  3. Amadeus Magnus's rating of the film The Rundown

    "Are we not men?" addresses Island of Lost Souls.

  4. whacknasty's rating of the film The Rundown

    It is what it is...basically, lol. Like mentioned before, a bit silly but still enough action to give a goose bump here and there. And anyone who grew old watching Dwayne Johnson as his "Rock" alter ego in pro wrestling will appreciate the physicality of his role here.

  5. T.J. Royal's rating of the film The Rundown

    This one had a lot more going for it than I was willing to give it credit for. The action scenes were full of verve, and I was convinced by the movie's Latin American jungle setting, even if it wasn't filmed on location. It was pretty funny in spots too. And it's got Rosario Dawson AND Christopher (Freakin'!) Walken. Watch it.

  6. KungfuTarkovsky's rating of the film The Rundown

    i know it sucks, but it's entertaining to me