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  1. Photo of Mikhail Romm

    Mikhail Romm Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Vsevolod Aksyonov

    Vsevolod Aksyonov Cast

  3. Photo of Yelena Kuzmina

    Yelena Kuzmina Cast

  4. Photo of Mikhail Astangov

    Mikhail Astangov Cast

  5. Photo of Mikhail Nazvanov

    Mikhail Nazvanov Cast

  6. Photo of Boris Tenin

    Boris Tenin Cast

  7. Photo of Mariya Barabanova

    Mariya Barabanova Cast

  8. Photo of Arkadi Tsinman

    Arkadi Tsinman Cast

  9. Photo of Boris Poslavsky

    Boris Poslavsky Cast

  10. Photo of Gennadi Yudin

    Gennadi Yudin Cast

  11. Photo of Sergei Antimonov

    Sergei Antimonov Cast

  12. Photo of Mikhail Troyanovsky

    Mikhail Troyanovsky Cast

  13. Photo of Viktor Dragunsky

    Viktor Dragunsky Cast

  14. Photo of Boris Volchek

    Boris Volchek Cinematography

  15. Photo of Aram Khachaturyan

    Aram Khachaturyan Music

  16. Photo of Semyon Mandel

    Semyon Mandel Production Design