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  1. Photo of Mary McMurray

    Mary McMurray Director

  2. Photo of Don Leaver

    Don Leaver Director

  3. Photo of Bill Hays

    Bill Hays Director

  4. Photo of Jan Sargent

    Jan Sargent Director

  5. Photo of Sandy Johnson

    Sandy Johnson Director

  6. Photo of John Gorrie

    John Gorrie Director

  7. Photo of Herbert Wise

    Herbert Wise Director

  8. Photo of Sarah Hellings

    Sarah Hellings Director

  9. Photo of Rob Walker

    Rob Walker Director

  10. Photo of Jenny Wilkes

    Jenny Wilkes Director

  11. Photo of Marc Evans

    Marc Evans Director

  12. Photo of Alan Grint

    Alan Grint Director

  13. Photo of Jim Goddard

    Jim Goddard Director

  14. Photo of Gavin Millar

    Gavin Millar Director

  15. Photo of Mike Vardy

    Mike Vardy Director

  16. Photo of James Cellan Jones

    James Cellan Jones Director

  17. Photo of Matthew Evans

    Matthew Evans Director

  18. Photo of Bruce McDonald

    Bruce McDonald Director

  19. Photo of Gwennan Sage

    Gwennan Sage Director

  20. Photo of Clive Exton

    Clive Exton Screenplay

  21. Photo of Paula Milne

    Paula Milne Screenplay

  22. Photo of Trevor Preston

    Trevor Preston Screenplay

  23. Photo of Roger Marshall

    Roger Marshall Screenplay

  24. Photo of Geoffrey Case

    Geoffrey Case Screenplay

  25. Photo of Matthew Jacobs

    Matthew Jacobs Screenplay

  26. Photo of John Brown

    John Brown Screenplay

  27. Photo of Robert Smith

    Robert Smith Screenplay

  28. Photo of Peter Berry

    Peter Berry Screenplay

  29. Photo of Guy Hibbert

    Guy Hibbert Screenplay

  30. Photo of Julian Bond

    Julian Bond Screenplay

  31. Photo of Rosemary Anne Sisson

    Rosemary Anne Sisson Screenplay

  32. Photo of Alan Plater

    Alan Plater Screenplay

  33. Photo of John Harvey

    John Harvey Screenplay

  34. Photo of Guy Meredith

    Guy Meredith Screenplay

  35. Photo of Piers Haggard

    Piers Haggard Screenplay and Director

  36. Photo of Peter Ransley

    Peter Ransley Screenplay

  37. Photo of Roy MacGregor

    Roy MacGregor Screenplay

  38. Photo of Ken Blakeson

    Ken Blakeson Screenplay

  39. Photo of Alex Ferguson

    Alex Ferguson Screenplay

  40. Photo of Ted Whitehead

    Ted Whitehead Screenplay

  41. Photo of Jacqueline Holborough

    Jacqueline Holborough Screenplay

  42. Photo of P.J. Hammond

    P.J. Hammond Screenplay

  43. Photo of Christopher Russell

    Christopher Russell Screenplay

  44. Photo of Douglas Livingstone

    Douglas Livingstone Screenplay

  45. Photo of Ruth Rendell

    Ruth Rendell Novel

  46. Photo of George Baker

    George Baker Cast and Screenplay

  47. Photo of Christopher Ravenscroft

    Christopher Ravenscroft Cast

  48. Photo of Louie Ramsay

    Louie Ramsay Cast

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