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  1. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Lawrence L. Goldman

    Lawrence L. Goldman Screenplay

  3. Photo of Abby Dalton

    Abby Dalton Cast

  4. Photo of Susan Cabot

    Susan Cabot Cast

  5. Photo of Bradford Jackson

    Bradford Jackson Cast

  6. Photo of June Kenney

    June Kenney Cast

  7. Photo of Richard Devon

    Richard Devon Cast

  8. Photo of Betsy Jones-Moreland

    Betsy Jones-Moreland Cast

  9. Photo of Jonathan Haze

    Jonathan Haze Cast

  10. Photo of Jay Sayer

    Jay Sayer Cast

  11. Photo of Lynette Bernay

    Lynette Bernay Cast

  12. Photo of Sally Todd

    Sally Todd Cast

  13. Photo of Gary Conway

    Gary Conway Cast

  14. Photo of Michael Forest

    Michael Forest Cast

  15. Photo of Wilda Taylor

    Wilda Taylor Cast and Choreography

  16. Photo of Herman Hack

    Herman Hack Cast

  17. Photo of Signe Hack

    Signe Hack Cast

  18. Photo of Ross Sturlin

    Ross Sturlin Cast

  19. Photo of Monroe P. Askins

    Monroe P. Askins Cinematography

  20. Photo of Albert Glasser

    Albert Glasser Music

  21. Photo of Samuel Z. Arkoff

    Samuel Z. Arkoff Executive Producer

  22. Photo of James H. Nicholson

    James H. Nicholson Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Ronald Sinclair

    Ronald Sinclair Editing

  24. Photo of Herman Lewis

    Herman Lewis Sound

  25. Photo of Gwen Fitzer

    Gwen Fitzer Costume Design

  26. Photo of Robert Kinoshita

    Robert Kinoshita Art Department

  27. Photo of Irving Block

    Irving Block Visual Effects and Story

  28. Photo of Louis DeWitt

    Louis DeWitt Visual Effects

  29. Photo of Jack Rabin

    Jack Rabin Visual Effects