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  1. Photo of Robert S. Baker

    Robert S. Baker Director and Executive Producer

  2. Photo of John Gilling

    John Gilling Director

  3. Photo of Jeremy Summers

    Jeremy Summers Director

  4. Photo of Roger Moore

    Roger Moore Director, Cast Producer

  5. Photo of Michael Truman

    Michael Truman Director

  6. Photo of John Ainsworth

    John Ainsworth Director

  7. Photo of David Greene

    David Greene Director

  8. Photo of John Paddy Carstairs

    John Paddy Carstairs Director

  9. Photo of Anthony Bushell

    Anthony Bushell Director

  10. Photo of Roy Ward Baker

    Roy Ward Baker Director

  11. Photo of John Llewellyn Moxey

    John Llewellyn Moxey Director

  12. Photo of Peter Yates

    Peter Yates Director

  13. Photo of James Hill

    James Hill Director

  14. Photo of John Krish

    John Krish Director

  15. Photo of Leslie Norman

    Leslie Norman Director

  16. Photo of Ernest Morris

    Ernest Morris Director

  17. Photo of Pat Jackson

    Pat Jackson Director

  18. Photo of David Eady

    David Eady Director

  19. Photo of Robert Tronson

    Robert Tronson Director

  20. Photo of Barry Norman

    Barry Norman Director

  21. Photo of Gordon Flemyng

    Gordon Flemyng Director

  22. Photo of Robert Asher

    Robert Asher Director

  23. Photo of Jim O'Connolly

    Jim O'Connolly Director

  24. Photo of Freddie Francis

    Freddie Francis Director

  25. Photo of Ray Austin

    Ray Austin Director

  26. Photo of Alvin Rakoff

    Alvin Rakoff Director

  27. Photo of Jack Sanders

    Jack Sanders Screenplay

  28. Photo of Gerald Kelsey

    Gerald Kelsey Screenplay

  29. Photo of Dick Sharples

    Dick Sharples Screenplay

  30. Photo of John Roddick

    John Roddick Screenplay

  31. Photo of Richard Harris

    Richard Harris Screenplay

  32. Photo of Norman Borisoff

    Norman Borisoff Screenplay

  33. Photo of Lewis Davidson

    Lewis Davidson Screenplay

  34. Photo of Julian Bond

    Julian Bond Screenplay

  35. Photo of Harry H. Junkin

    Harry H. Junkin Screenplay

  36. Photo of John Kruse

    John Kruse Screenplay

  37. Photo of Bill Strutton

    Bill Strutton Screenplay

  38. Photo of Leonard Grahame

    Leonard Grahame Screenplay

  39. Photo of Robert Banks Stewart

    Robert Banks Stewart Screenplay

  40. Photo of Larry Forrester

    Larry Forrester Screenplay

  41. Photo of John Graeme

    John Graeme Screenplay

  42. Photo of Kenneth Hayles

    Kenneth Hayles Screenplay

  43. Photo of Paddy Manning O'Brine

    Paddy Manning O'Brine Screenplay

  44. Photo of Ian Kennedy Martin

    Ian Kennedy Martin Screenplay

  45. Photo of Michael Cramoy

    Michael Cramoy Screenplay

  46. Photo of Paul Erickson

    Paul Erickson Screenplay

  47. Photo of Basil Dawson

    Basil Dawson Screenplay

  48. Photo of Marcus Demian

    Marcus Demian Screenplay

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