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  1. Photo of Kei Kumai

    Kei Kumai Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Masato Ide

    Masato Ide Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sojiro Motoki

    Sojiro Motoki Screenplay

  4. Photo of Toshirô Mifune

    Toshirô Mifune Cast and Producer

  5. Photo of Yujiro Ishihara

    Yujiro Ishihara Cast and Producer

  6. Photo of Osamu Takizawa

    Osamu Takizawa Cast

  7. Photo of Takashi Shimura

    Takashi Shimura Cast

  8. Photo of Shûji Sano

    Shûji Sano Cast

  9. Photo of Jukichi Uno

    Jukichi Uno Cast

  10. Photo of Ryutaro Tatsumi

    Ryutaro Tatsumi Cast

  11. Photo of Isao Tamagawa

    Isao Tamagawa Cast

  12. Photo of Takeshi Katô

    Takeshi Katô Cast

  13. Photo of Sumio Takatsu

    Sumio Takatsu Cast

  14. Photo of Eijirô Yanagi

    Eijirô Yanagi Cast

  15. Photo of Akira Yamauchi

    Akira Yamauchi Cast

  16. Photo of Akira Terao

    Akira Terao Cast

  17. Photo of Eimei Nitani

    Eimei Nitani Cast

  18. Photo of Masahiko Naruse

    Masahiko Naruse Cast

  19. Photo of Fumie Kashiyama

    Fumie Kashiyama Cast

  20. Photo of Tomoe Hiiro

    Tomoe Hiiro Cast

  21. Photo of Aki Kawaguchi

    Aki Kawaguchi Cast

  22. Photo of Mieko Takamine

    Mieko Takamine Cast

  23. Photo of Tanie Kitabayashi

    Tanie Kitabayashi Cast

  24. Photo of Kinzô Shin

    Kinzô Shin Cast

  25. Photo of Shinsuke Ashida

    Shinsuke Ashida Cast

  26. Photo of Eiji Okada

    Eiji Okada Cast

  27. Photo of Nagatake Shoji

    Nagatake Shoji Cast

  28. Photo of Keisuke Yukioka

    Keisuke Yukioka Cast

  29. Photo of Binnosuke Nagao

    Binnosuke Nagao Cast

  30. Photo of Joji Hidehara

    Joji Hidehara Cast

  31. Photo of Mizuho Suzuki

    Mizuho Suzuki Cast

  32. Photo of Sayuri Kishido

    Sayuri Kishido Cast

  33. Photo of Takashi Koshiba

    Takashi Koshiba Cast

  34. Photo of Gisuke Makino

    Gisuke Makino Cast

  35. Photo of Hideji Ôtaki

    Hideji Ôtaki Cast

  36. Photo of Norio Mineda

    Norio Mineda Cast

  37. Photo of Sonosuke Niki

    Sonosuke Niki Cast

  38. Photo of Kenji Shimamura

    Kenji Shimamura Cast

  39. Photo of Taketoshi Naitô

    Taketoshi Naitô Cast

  40. Photo of Tappei Shimokawa

    Tappei Shimokawa Cast

  41. Photo of Tsuneo Arakawa

    Tsuneo Arakawa Cast

  42. Photo of Jushiro Hirata

    Jushiro Hirata Cast

  43. Photo of Yuzo Harumi

    Yuzo Harumi Cast

  44. Photo of Yu Izumi

    Yu Izumi Cast

  45. Photo of Hyoe Enoki

    Hyoe Enoki Cast

  46. Photo of Hiroshi Chiyoda

    Hiroshi Chiyoda Cast

  47. Photo of Shosei Muto

    Shosei Muto Cast

  48. Photo of Yûichi Satô

    Yûichi Satô Cast

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