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  1. Epinephrin's rating of the film The Sapphires

    nice little movie for a sunday afternoon. great music

  2. Zeke Fernández's rating of the film The Sapphires

    I am a sexist pig who enjoys weird, dark movies. I would have classified this movie as chick flix garbage by reading the synopsis. Yet, I found it pretty solid and entertaining. The soundtrack is deadly!

  3. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film The Sapphires

  4. marlonbrandodepressed's rating of the film The Sapphires

  5. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film The Sapphires

    It brings to the screen the rhythm of soul music in times of war, just as “Good Morning Vietnam” did a few years ago, although without the breathtaking effect. Review and Rating:

  6. msmichel's rating of the film The Sapphires

    TIFF '12 Though basically an aborginal 'The Commitments' this pic is a crowd pleaser of the first order. Handled properly this weinstein company pickup will net some big numbers and kudos. Though cliched and a little corny film is very enjoyable due to its leads and its warm recreation of several soul classics. Dialoque quite enjoyable and often surprising. '...lining up to suck the ring off my finger...'

  7. AKFilmFan's rating of the film The Sapphires

    Solid entertainment with good performances (especially O'Dowd) even if the story is a little simplistic and the combat scenes are a little amateur.

  8. Scotch's rating of the film The Sapphires

    Totally fun and touches on some pretty fucked up, racist aspects of Australia's history. But the scene where Gail tells Dave a very complicated story about her relationship to Kay, who was kidnapped by White Australians and raised White, and then quirky ol' Dave does a dance to distract her—that pretty much sums up the movie. Kind of a vanilla race flick, but damn, the Sapphires can SING.

  9. Justerodeusintherain's rating of the film The Sapphires

  10. This is Jake Kath's rating of the film The Sapphires

  11. Phil Worfel's rating of the film The Sapphires

    Completely inoffensive and almost completely lacking in drama. Great premise but amateurish execution.

  12. Nikyatu's rating of the film The Sapphires

    Flawed, yet refreshing point of view. I actually had no idea aborigines so closely associated with blackness but I guess they had no choice did they?! Chris O Dowd served as the obligatory white savior though his charm prevented him from being a stock character. Yes much of the girls' acting was questionable but try casting an Aborigine woman who can act and sing. I'll take authenticity over perfection any day.

  13.'s rating of the film The Sapphires

    A beautiful film with huge aboriginal girls singing their way to Saigon during the Vietnamese war. They are coaxed and cajoled into singing to the troops marooned in a sea of blood and crazy killing. This group of sisters confront their blackness and identities through their music. It is also about the songlines that run deeper than blood from mother to daughter. A touching performance from Chris O'Dowd.

  14. Jordan Peters's rating of the film The Sapphires

    An inept mix of grating 'Aussie' humour, bland musical items and shallow attempts at substance, The Sapphires is watchable enough thanks largely to Chris O'Dowd.

  15. Liam Peters's rating of the film The Sapphires

    Cheesy, questionably acted and shallowly but bravely questioning race relations in Australia, this musically focused crowd-pleaser is nowhere even close to batting above its averages. Even a brilliantly on-point Chris O'Dowd can't save this from being a mere time-filler.

  16. Ingrid Bergman's rating of the film The Sapphires

    Loved this great feel good movie loosely based on a true story about four talented Aboriginal girls who get the chance to entertain the U.S. troops in Vietnam in 1968. Chris O'Dowd is perfect as the girls' Manager, Dave Lovelace. And the girls are fabulous especially Deborah Mailman and Jessica Mauboy.The deeper issues are glossed over but the aim of this movie is to entertain and it certainly does!

  17. meg1's rating of the film The Sapphires

  18. Matt Richards's rating of the film The Sapphires

    It's a great big musical, feel-good blast that sticks true to the formula laid out by films like the commitments and the Full Monty whilst set within an aboriginal context. It tackles a few issues in a very light manner and the performances from Mailman and O'dowd are excellent. Should do well at the box office. 2.5 stars