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  1. Photo of Alan Gibson

    Alan Gibson Director

  2. Photo of Don Houghton

    Don Houghton Screenplay

  3. Photo of Christopher Lee

    Christopher Lee Cast

  4. Photo of Peter Cushing

    Peter Cushing Cast

  5. Photo of Michael Coles

    Michael Coles Cast

  6. Photo of William Franklyn

    William Franklyn Cast

  7. Photo of Freddie Jones

    Freddie Jones Cast

  8. Photo of Joanna Lumley

    Joanna Lumley Cast

  9. Photo of Richard Vernon

    Richard Vernon Cast

  10. Photo of Barbara Yu Ling

    Barbara Yu Ling Cast

  11. Photo of Patrick Barr

    Patrick Barr Cast

  12. Photo of Richard Mathews

    Richard Mathews Cast

  13. Photo of Lockwood West

    Lockwood West Cast

  14. Photo of Valerie Van Ost

    Valerie Van Ost Cast

  15. Photo of Maurice O'Connell

    Maurice O'Connell Cast

  16. Photo of Peter Adair

    Peter Adair Cast

  17. Photo of Maggie Fitzgerald

    Maggie Fitzgerald Cast

  18. Photo of Pauline Peart

    Pauline Peart Cast

  19. Photo of Finnuala O'Shannon

    Finnuala O'Shannon Cast

  20. Photo of Mia Martin

    Mia Martin Cast

  21. Photo of Brian Probyn

    Brian Probyn Cinematography

  22. Photo of John Cacavas

    John Cacavas Music

  23. Photo of Lionel Couch

    Lionel Couch Production Design

  24. Photo of Roy Skeggs

    Roy Skeggs Producer

  25. Photo of Chris Barnes

    Chris Barnes Editing

  26. Photo of Keith Batten

    Keith Batten Sound

  27. Photo of Rebecca Breed

    Rebecca Breed Costume Design