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  1. Photo of Michel Mardore

    Michel Mardore Producer, Screenplay, Director

  2. Photo of Pierre Jansen

    Pierre Jansen Music

  3. Photo of William Lubtchansky

    William Lubtchansky Cinematography

  4. Photo of Françoise Bonnot

    Françoise Bonnot Editing

  5. Photo of René-Jean Bouyer

    René-Jean Bouyer Sound

  6. Photo of Horst Buchholz

    Horst Buchholz Cast

  7. Photo of Muriel Catalá

    Muriel Catalá Cast

  8. Photo of Hélène Vallier

    Hélène Vallier Cast

  9. Photo of Roger Lumont

    Roger Lumont Cast

  10. Photo of Henri Vilbert

    Henri Vilbert Cast

  11. Photo of Danièle Ajoret

    Danièle Ajoret Cast

  12. Photo of Michel Delahaye

    Michel Delahaye Cast

  13. Photo of Jean-Pierre Sentier

    Jean-Pierre Sentier Cast

  14. Photo of Frédéric Norbert

    Frédéric Norbert Cast