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  1. Photo of Claudio Caligari

    Claudio Caligari Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Dido Sacchettoni

    Dido Sacchettoni Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marco Giallini

    Marco Giallini Cast

  4. Photo of Valerio Mastandrea

    Valerio Mastandrea Cast

  5. Photo of Giorgio Tirabassi

    Giorgio Tirabassi Cast

  6. Photo of Emanuel Bevilacqua

    Emanuel Bevilacqua Cast

  7. Photo of Alessia Fugardi

    Alessia Fugardi Cast

  8. Photo of Francesca d'Aloja

    Francesca d'Aloja Cast

  9. Photo of Giampiero Lisarelli

    Giampiero Lisarelli Cast

  10. Photo of Elda Alvigini

    Elda Alvigini Cast

  11. Photo of Raffaele Vannoli

    Raffaele Vannoli Cast

  12. Photo of Stella Vordemann

    Stella Vordemann Cast

  13. Photo of Little Tony

    Little Tony Cast

  14. Photo of Maurizio Calvesi

    Maurizio Calvesi Cinematography

  15. Photo of Pivio

    Pivio Music

  16. Photo of Aldo De Scalzi

    Aldo De Scalzi Music

  17. Photo of Maurizio Marchitelli

    Maurizio Marchitelli Production Design

  18. Photo of Mauro Bonanni

    Mauro Bonanni Editing