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  1. Photo of Benoît Jacquot

    Benoît Jacquot Director

  2. Photo of Zakaria Alaoui

    Zakaria Alaoui Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Fabienne Tsaï

    Fabienne Tsaï Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Fabienne Vonier

    Fabienne Vonier Producer

  5. Photo of Vincent Malle

    Vincent Malle Producer

  6. Photo of Jacques Fieschi

    Jacques Fieschi Screenplay

  7. Photo of Caroline Champetier

    Caroline Champetier Cinematography

  8. Photo of Isabelle Huppert

    Isabelle Huppert Cast

  9. Photo of Vincent Martinez

    Vincent Martinez Cast

  10. Photo of Vincent Lindon

    Vincent Lindon Cast

  11. Photo of Marthe Keller

    Marthe Keller Cast

  12. Photo of François Berléand

    François Berléand Cast

  13. Photo of Danièle Dubroux

    Danièle Dubroux Cast

  14. Photo of Bernard Le Coq

    Bernard Le Coq Cast

  15. Photo of Roxane Mesquida

    Roxane Mesquida Cast

  16. Photo of Luc Barnier

    Luc Barnier Editing

  17. Photo of Katia Wyszkop

    Katia Wyszkop Production Design

  18. Photo of Corinne Jorry

    Corinne Jorry Costume Design

  19. Photo of Yukio Mishima

    Yukio Mishima Screenplay

  20. Photo of Jean-Claude Laureux

    Jean-Claude Laureux Sound

  21. Photo of Nicolas Naegelen

    Nicolas Naegelen Sound

  22. Photo of François Vincentelli

    François Vincentelli Cast