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  1. Photo of Stephen Brown

    Stephen Brown Director

  2. Photo of John Banville

    John Banville Screenplay

  3. Photo of Rufus Sewell

    Rufus Sewell Cast

  4. Photo of Bonnie Wright

    Bonnie Wright Cast

  5. Photo of Ciarán Hinds

    Ciarán Hinds Cast

  6. Photo of Natascha McElhone

    Natascha McElhone Cast

  7. Photo of Charlotte Rampling

    Charlotte Rampling Cast

  8. Photo of Sinéad Cusack

    Sinéad Cusack Cast

  9. Photo of Ruth Bradley

    Ruth Bradley Cast

  10. Photo of Karl Johnson

    Karl Johnson Cast

  11. Photo of Mark Huberman

    Mark Huberman Cast

  12. Photo of Stephen Cromwell

    Stephen Cromwell Cast

  13. Photo of Marie Missy Keating

    Marie Missy Keating Cast

  14. Photo of Matthew Dillon

    Matthew Dillon Cast

  15. Photo of Padhraig Parkinson

    Padhraig Parkinson Cast

  16. Photo of Amy Molloy

    Amy Molloy Cast

  17. Photo of John Conroy

    John Conroy Cinematography

  18. Photo of Andrew Hewitt

    Andrew Hewitt Music

  19. Photo of Hilary Hahn

    Hilary Hahn Music

  20. Photo of Derek Wallace

    Derek Wallace Production Design

  21. Photo of David Collins

    David Collins Producer

  22. Photo of Michael Robinson

    Michael Robinson Producer

  23. Photo of Luc Roeg

    Luc Roeg Producer

  24. Photo of Ernest Bachrach

    Ernest Bachrach Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Julia Godzinskaya

    Julia Godzinskaya Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Philip Herd

    Philip Herd Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Rebecca Long

    Rebecca Long Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Andrew Orr

    Andrew Orr Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Michael Sackler

    Michael Sackler Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Stephen O'Connell

    Stephen O'Connell Editing