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  1. Photo of Joe Dante

    Joe Dante Director

  2. Photo of Martyn Burke

    Martyn Burke Screenplay

  3. Photo of Guy Riedel

    Guy Riedel Producer

  4. Photo of Mac Ahlberg

    Mac Ahlberg Cinematography

  5. Photo of Hummie Mann

    Hummie Mann Music

  6. Photo of Beau Bridges

    Beau Bridges Cast

  7. Photo of Joanna Cassidy

    Joanna Cassidy Cast

  8. Photo of Phil Hartman

    Phil Hartman Cast

  9. Photo of James Earl Jones

    James Earl Jones Cast

  10. Photo of James Coburn

    James Coburn Cast

  11. Photo of Dan Hedaya

    Dan Hedaya Cast

  12. Photo of Elizabeth Peña

    Elizabeth Peña Cast

  13. Photo of Denis Leary

    Denis Leary Cast

  14. Photo of Ron Perlman

    Ron Perlman Cast

  15. Photo of Kevin Dunn

    Kevin Dunn Cast

  16. Photo of Brian Keith

    Brian Keith Cast

  17. Photo of Kevin McCarthy

    Kevin McCarthy Cast

  18. Photo of Dick Miller

    Dick Miller Cast

  19. Photo of William Schallert

    William Schallert Cast

  20. Photo of Catherine Lloyd Burns

    Catherine Lloyd Burns Cast

  21. Photo of Jerry Hardin

    Jerry Hardin Cast

  22. Photo of Chip Diggins

    Chip Diggins Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Barry Levinson

    Barry Levinson Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Marshall Harvey

    Marshall Harvey Editing

  25. Photo of Joseph P. Lucky

    Joseph P. Lucky Production Design