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  1. Photo of Vince Aletti

    Vince Aletti Cast

  2. Photo of Eric Anzalone

    Eric Anzalone Cast

  3. Photo of Robert Kool Bell

    Robert Kool Bell Cast

  4. Photo of Henri Belolo

    Henri Belolo Cast

  5. Photo of Mark Benecke

    Mark Benecke Cast

  6. Photo of Alex Briley

    Alex Briley Cast

  7. Photo of Harry Wayne Casey

    Harry Wayne Casey Cast

  8. Photo of Carmen D'Alessio

    Carmen D'Alessio Cast

  9. Photo of Alice Echols

    Alice Echols Cast

  10. Photo of Gloria Gaynor

    Gloria Gaynor Cast

  11. Photo of Larry Harris

    Larry Harris Cast

  12. Photo of Julia Hladowicz

    Julia Hladowicz Cast

  13. Photo of David Hodo

    David Hodo Cast

  14. Photo of Joanne Horowitz

    Joanne Horowitz Cast

  15. Photo of Thelma Houston

    Thelma Houston Cast

  16. Photo of Peter Keleghan

    Peter Keleghan Cast

  17. Photo of Evelyn King

    Evelyn King Cast

  18. Photo of Kito Lightbourne

    Kito Lightbourne Cast

  19. Photo of Adrian Miller

    Adrian Miller Cast

  20. Photo of Tom Moulton

    Tom Moulton Cast

  21. Photo of Michael Musto

    Michael Musto Cast

  22. Photo of Maxine Nightingale

    Maxine Nightingale Cast

  23. Photo of Jeff Olson

    Jeff Olson Cast

  24. Photo of Anita Pointer

    Anita Pointer Cast

  25. Photo of Felipe Rose

    Felipe Rose Cast

  26. Photo of Peter Shapiro

    Peter Shapiro Cast

  27. Photo of Nicky Siano

    Nicky Siano Cast

  28. Photo of Ray Simpson

    Ray Simpson Cast

  29. Photo of Reg Taylor

    Reg Taylor Cast

  30. Photo of The Trammps

    The Trammps Cast

  31. Photo of Martha Wash

    Martha Wash Cast

  32. Photo of Greg 'Cookie' West

    Greg 'Cookie' West Cast

  33. Photo of Jamie Kastner

    Jamie Kastner Producer, Screenplay Director

  34. Photo of Jamie Shields

    Jamie Shields Music

  35. Photo of David Wall

    David Wall Music

  36. Photo of Adam B. White

    Adam B. White Music

  37. Photo of Derek Rogers

    Derek Rogers Cinematography

  38. Photo of Greg West

    Greg West Editing