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  1. Photo of Zelito Viana

    Zelito Viana Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Ivan Cardoso

    Ivan Cardoso Producer, Director Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fernando Carvalho

    Fernando Carvalho Producer

  4. Photo of Rubens Francisco Luchetti

    Rubens Francisco Luchetti Producer and Screenplay

  5. Photo of Zeca Parente

    Zeca Parente Producer

  6. Photo of Eduardo Viveiros

    Eduardo Viveiros Screenplay

  7. Photo of Cezar Elias

    Cezar Elias Cinematography

  8. Photo of João Carlos Horta

    João Carlos Horta Cinematography

  9. Photo of Renato Laclete

    Renato Laclete Cinematography

  10. Photo of Wilson Grey

    Wilson Grey Cast

  11. Photo of Felipe Falcao

    Felipe Falcao Cast

  12. Photo of Anselmo Vasconcelos

    Anselmo Vasconcelos Cast and Producer

  13. Photo of Clarice Piovesan

    Clarice Piovesan Cast

  14. Photo of Evandro Mesquita

    Evandro Mesquita Cast

  15. Photo of Jardel Filho

    Jardel Filho Cast

  16. Photo of Regina Casé

    Regina Casé Cast

  17. Photo of Julio Medaglia

    Julio Medaglia Cast and Music

  18. Photo of Ricardo Miranda

    Ricardo Miranda Editing

  19. Photo of Cristiana Tullio-Altan

    Cristiana Tullio-Altan Editing

  20. Photo of Oscar Ramos

    Oscar Ramos Production Design

  21. Photo of Gilberto Santeiro

    Gilberto Santeiro Music and Editing

  22. Photo of Antônio César

    Antônio César Sound

  23. Photo of Maurício Farias

    Maurício Farias Sound