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  1. Photo of Julien Temple

    Julien Temple Director

  2. Photo of Corky Burger

    Corky Burger Producer

  3. Photo of Roger Graef

    Roger Graef Producer

  4. Photo of Martin Lewis

    Martin Lewis Producer

  5. Photo of Peter Walker

    Peter Walker Producer

  6. Photo of Bob Weinstein

    Bob Weinstein Producer

  7. Photo of Harvey Weinstein

    Harvey Weinstein Producer

  8. Photo of Oliver Stapleton

    Oliver Stapleton Cinematography

  9. Photo of Rowan Atkinson

    Rowan Atkinson Cast

  10. Photo of John Bird

    John Bird Cast

  11. Photo of Tim Brooke-Taylor

    Tim Brooke-Taylor Cast

  12. Photo of Jasper Carrott

    Jasper Carrott Cast

  13. Photo of Doreen Chanter

    Doreen Chanter Cast

  14. Photo of Graham Chapman

    Graham Chapman Cast

  15. Photo of Eric Clapton

    Eric Clapton Cast

  16. Photo of John Cleese

    John Cleese Cast and Producer

  17. Photo of Billy Connolly

    Billy Connolly Cast

  18. Photo of Peter Cook

    Peter Cook Cast

  19. Photo of Chris Cross

    Chris Cross Cast

  20. Photo of Donovan

    Donovan Cast

  21. Photo of Sheena Easton

    Sheena Easton Cast

  22. Photo of Johnnie Fingers

    Johnnie Fingers Cast

  23. Photo of John Fortune

    John Fortune Cast

  24. Photo of Bob Geldof

    Bob Geldof Cast

  25. Photo of Barry Humphries

    Barry Humphries Cast

  26. Photo of Neil Innes

    Neil Innes Cast

  27. Photo of Chris Langham

    Chris Langham Cast

  28. Photo of Michael Palin

    Michael Palin Cast

  29. Photo of David Rappaport

    David Rappaport Cast

  30. Photo of Griff Rhys Jones

    Griff Rhys Jones Cast

  31. Photo of Tom Robinson

    Tom Robinson Cast

  32. Photo of Alexei Sayle

    Alexei Sayle Cast

  33. Photo of Pamela Stephenson

    Pamela Stephenson Cast

  34. Photo of Sting

    Sting Cast

  35. Photo of Daryl Stuermer

    Daryl Stuermer Cast

  36. Photo of Linda Taylor

    Linda Taylor Cast

  37. Photo of Danny Thompson

    Danny Thompson Cast

  38. Photo of Midge Ure

    Midge Ure Cast

  39. Photo of John Wells

    John Wells Cast

  40. Photo of Maynard Williams

    Maynard Williams Cast

  41. Photo of Victoria Wood

    Victoria Wood Cast

  42. Photo of Andy Attenburrough

    Andy Attenburrough Editing

  43. Photo of Geoff Hogg

    Geoff Hogg Editing

  44. Photo of Thomas Schwalm

    Thomas Schwalm Editing