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  1. Photo of Péter Gothár

    Péter Gothár Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ádám Bodor

    Ádám Bodor Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mari Nagy

    Mari Nagy Cast

  4. Photo of József Szarvas

    József Szarvas Cast

  5. Photo of Valentin Teodosiu

    Valentin Teodosiu Cast

  6. Photo of Misu Dimvale

    Misu Dimvale Cast

  7. Photo of Andrei Finti

    Andrei Finti Cast

  8. Photo of Géza Tóth

    Géza Tóth Cast

  9. Photo of Alexandru Bindea

    Alexandru Bindea Cast

  10. Photo of Vivi Dragan Vasile

    Vivi Dragan Vasile Cinematography

  11. Photo of György Orbán

    György Orbán Music

  12. Photo of György Selmeczi

    György Selmeczi Music

  13. Photo of Zsolt Khell

    Zsolt Khell Production Design

  14. Photo of Christian Niculescu

    Christian Niculescu Production Design

  15. Photo of Mihail Cociasu

    Mihail Cociasu Producer

  16. Photo of Cristian Comeaga

    Cristian Comeaga Producer

  17. Photo of András Ozori

    András Ozori Producer

  18. Photo of Sándor Simó

    Sándor Simó Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Sándor Szönyi G.

    Sándor Szönyi G. Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Eszter Majoros

    Eszter Majoros Editing

  21. Photo of Péter Tímár

    Péter Tímár Editing

  22. Photo of Róbert Juhász

    Róbert Juhász Sound

  23. Photo of János Réti

    János Réti Sound

  24. Photo of János Breckl

    János Breckl Costume Design