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  1. Photo of Pappi Corsicato

    Pappi Corsicato Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Massimo Gaudioso

    Massimo Gaudioso Screenplay

  3. Photo of Heinrich von Kleist

    Heinrich von Kleist Screenplay

  4. Photo of Marco Poccioni

    Marco Poccioni Producer

  5. Photo of Marco Valsania

    Marco Valsania Producer

  6. Photo of Ennio Guarnieri

    Ennio Guarnieri Cinematography

  7. Photo of GiogiĆ² Franchini

    GiogiĆ² Franchini Editing

  8. Photo of Antonio Farina

    Antonio Farina Production Design

  9. Photo of Alessandro Gassman

    Alessandro Gassman Cast

  10. Photo of Caterina Murino

    Caterina Murino Cast

  11. Photo of Martina Stella

    Martina Stella Cast

  12. Photo of Valeria Fabrizi

    Valeria Fabrizi Cast

  13. Photo of Angelo Infanti

    Angelo Infanti Cast

  14. Photo of Michele Venitucci

    Michele Venitucci Cast

  15. Photo of Lucilla Agosti

    Lucilla Agosti Cast

  16. Photo of Iaia Forte

    Iaia Forte Cast

  17. Photo of Rosalia Porcaro

    Rosalia Porcaro Cast

  18. Photo of Monica Guerritore

    Monica Guerritore Cast

  19. Photo of Isabella Ferrari

    Isabella Ferrari Cast

  20. Photo of Eleonora Pedron

    Eleonora Pedron Cast